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How to Protect Your Mouth if You Breathe with an Open Mouth

Posted on 9/10/2017 by Brandon Cooley
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Breathing with an open mouth is relatively common, but it is also not a good idea. If you can help it, you need to try and close your mouth when you sleep. Whenever you sleep with your mouth open, it causes the tissues in your mouth to dry out.

This means that your mouth is not getting the benefits that come with saliva. This can lead to problems with your oral health over the short-term, and over the long-term.

What to Do When You Sleep with Your Mouth Open

If you already know that you sleep with your mouth open, then you need to try and take steps to close your mouth more often. You can start off with the straps that are sold at most drug stores that hold your jaw closed. They either wrap around your head or go from ear to ear, and go under the jaw to keep it closed.

Another option is trying to sleep in a different position. Most people only sleep with their mouth open when they sleep on their back. Consider sleeping on your stomach and seeing if that makes a difference.

If neither of those work or sound like viable options to you, then come into our office. We can fit you with a custom mouth guard that will help protect your mouth, even if you do keep your mouth open when you sleep. The guard fits over your teeth, and seals your mouth off from breathing by your lips being on the outside of the guard.

Simply changing how you sleep can go a long way towards improving your oral health. If you tend to sleep with your mouth open on a regular basis, then contact us today. We can help to protect your smile!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (425) 249-3509 today.

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