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It Is Important to Always Keep Your Postpartum Dental Appointment

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
It Is Important to Always Keep Your Postpartum Dental AppointmentLife after having a baby is busy. From caring for a newborn, to trying to live your own life to taking care of yourself in the postpartum environment, the challenge is often overwhelming.

Because of this, some things tend to slip through the cracks. While it is okay to ignore mopping the floor of the kitchen when you are tired it is not okay to avoid your postpartum dental appointment. This is why that appointment is so important.

Pregnancy is Time Consuming

When you are pregnant, you often feel like you are struggling to just do the basic things your body needs. You try to watch what you eat, but it is not always easy to keep up your normal routines. After the baby is born, it is even harder to do the things your body needs. Your normal routine is tossed put the window as you deal with sleep deprivation and other issues surrounding taking care of a new baby.

One of the areas that often suffers during a pregnancy and after the pregnancy is your oral health. You may struggle to find the time to brush and floss like you should. You may find yourself doing other things that could harm your teeth. One of those things is taking the time to get to our office for a post-partum dental appointment.

What Do We DoThe first thing we do is look for any problems that you may have ignored during the pregnancy. You may not have thought much about the minor toothache, you had or might not have noticed signs of a problem with your teeth and gums because of your focus on the baby. This is the time to catch these problems before they become worse.

This is also the time where we can help you figure out a schedule for your oral hygiene routine. We will perform a regular exam and dental cleaning that will not only help your oral health, it will give you the time to take care of yourself and to do something for yourself instead of doing everything for the new baby.

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