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Partial Dentures Stay Put Better with Some Real Teeth

Posted on 12/15/2019 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
Partial Dentures Stay Put Better with Some Real TeethOur looks are quite important to us. A big part of how we look is our teeth. When someone has a healthy mouth, they are more likely to smile more often which enhances their looks and also gives them a degree of self-confidence.

However, when someone loses their teeth for one reason or the other, they usually feel self-conscious about it and often end up shying from speaking to people and avoiding situations where their teeth might be seen. To solve this problem, people use dentures to replace the lost teeth together with the surrounding tissue to give the appearance of full, healthy teeth so that someone can feel normal and gain the confidence they deserve.

Partial Dentures

To this end, for people who have lost a couple of teeth, but still retain a handful of them, we recommend partial dentures. Also known as bridges, a partial denture is made up of replacement teeth which is attached on a gum-colored plastic base. This is done to create the illusion of a continual gumline which makes it that much more difficult to spot. In most cases, these partial dentures work much better when there is a metal framework to hold the dentures in place.

Partial dentures work best when there are a couple of real teeth in the upper and lower jaw. These teeth make it possible to hold the metal framework in place and also help the dentist to create look-alikes that blend in perfectly with the other teeth.

The dentures not only give you a good look, they also prevent the remaining teeth from changing position because of the gap left by the missing teeth. While some people would like a permanent solution, others want something that can be removed, washed and placed back. A precision denture can be removed and contains internal attachments to hold them in place.

If you have lost one or more of your teeth and think some partial dentures are right for you, come and see us. We have the professional experience to do a great job and give you the smile you deserve.

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