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Can Whiplash Really Hurt Your Jaw?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
Can Whiplash Really Hurt Your Jaw?
It's tough to believe that your spinal cord and jaw are related in any way, but the truth remains that a whiplash injury can have a lot to do with your jaw problems. The jerk in your spine can affect your jaw adversely and could result in severe jaw pain. While this doesn't happen instantly, it eventually becomes unbearable and you will need immediate treatment.

The Reason Whiplash Affects Your Jaw

A sudden jerk in your spine makes your jaw tremble as well. This shock could dislocate the temporomandibular joint and result in TMD. While you may not grind your teeth, even speaking will make your jaw hurt intensely. TMD is an uncomfortable condition where your jaw hurts at the joint where you open and close your mouth. This makes it difficult for you to talk and chew. When you suffer from TMD, it also becomes difficult for you to sleep comfortably.

TMD can eventually cause pain in your ear and your head and along with the spine pain, this becomes unbearable and difficult to handle. Unfortunately, while there is no cure for TMD, there are effective treatment measures that you can undergo to considerably reduce the pain in your jaw. While this will not happen overnight, with regular treatment you will be able to overcome TMD and you will also manage to regain the functionality of your jaw.

If you have suffered a whiplash injury in the past and you suddenly realize that your jaw hurts beyond what you can handle, this could be signs of TMD that you should get checked by our experts immediately. The more you ignore TMD, the worse it gets and you will soon be unable to sleep comfortably because of the constant pain. If you want to get TMD treated, please feel free to speak to our experts.

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