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Have Dental Myths Stopped You from Getting Proper Care?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
Have Dental Myths Stopped You from Getting Proper Care?There are several myths out there about dental treatments, and this has stopped some people from taking care of their oral health. Want to know the truth about something you have heard? Then call us. We know best! Let us take a look at some of these myths and sett the record straight.

Untrue Dental Myths

There is a belief that only sugary foods and drinks cause tooth decay. This is not exactly the case as foods containing carbohydrates also cause a build-up of plaque. Plus, not correctly flossing and brushing causes tooth cavities.

Another entirely untrue myth is that baby teeth do not need to be brushed. The truth is, it is just as important as brushing adult teeth; not only will brushing baby teeth encourage better oral health, it helps prevent cavities and plaque build up.

Some people believe that poor gum and teeth health is hereditary; this is also not the case. You are solely responsible for your oral health. How you take care of your mouth is far more important than the genes you were born with in nearly all cases.

How Can You Maintain Oral Health?

First, making sure you floss and brush your teeth daily is very important. Limiting the number of sweets and candies you are eating can also help. Enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits; the crunch will help clean your teeth as you snack. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating as this is not good. You want to give your saliva a chance to remineralize your teeth prior to brushing.

No matter what kind of myth you are told, do not believe everything that you hear. Some of the dental myths out there are crazy; make sure you call us with any questions. Feel free to call or come into our office if you have any questions about your oral health. We specialize in customer service and ensure that all of our patients are given the best advice available.

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