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How to Reduce the Chances of Receding Gums

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
How to Reduce the Chances of Receding GumsPrevention is best. Our parents and grandparents told us this precious piece of advice and you will hear it come out of our dental office as well. We believe in prevention. Taking good care of your mouth is paramount. Brushing at least three times every day, even those hard to reach places, is an important habit to implement. This cannot be underestimated. Brushing away plaque after each meal keeps your teeth healthy. We recommend brushing for at least two minutes with a soft toothbrush. Be gentle on your teeth. Flossing and rinsing further protect your teeth from gum recession. These steps will help fight off bacteria that may be lurking around your teeth and below the gum line.

Taking Care of Your Mouth Takes Many Forms

In addition to good oral hygiene, there are other best practices to incorporate in your fight against gum recession. A healthy lifestyle is a good defense against gum recession. Eating good food will allow your body to assimilate necessary vitamins and minerals which keep your teeth and gums healthy. Trying to control your sugar intake is important too. The more sugar you eat, the more bacteria congregate in your mouth. Bacteria that cause gum disease and gum recession flourish on sugar. Instead, eat whole food which are full of nutrients.

Smoking decreases the circulation needed to keep your gums healthy. If you quit smoking or better yet, never start, your teeth and gums will thank you.
Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are easy ways to maintain healthy oral hygiene. Eating well and not smoking are also good defenses against gum recession. Lastly, routine cleanings are essential. Come visit us twice a year to take charge of your oral health. Regular teeth cleanings will remove plaque build-up and allow us to look for any signs of gum recession. We want to partner with you to fight against gum recession by taking these preventative measures.

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