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Softer Foods to Always Have Handy after a Dental Procedure

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
Softer Foods to Always Have Handy after a Dental ProcedureIt pays to keep your gums and teeth healthy. That is why you should always have soft foods on hand, especially after undergoing a dental procedure. Doing so will cause less irritation and ensure a more successful dental outcome.

Recommended Soft Foods to Eat

If you have a filling or receive a crown, you should always know what you will include in your meal plan. Choose nutrient-rich soft foods that will scratch the gums and teeth and not negatively impact the site you have had your procedure. Some of the suggested foods include cottage cheese, lean cuts of meat, cheese, leafy green vegetables, and fruits, such as strawberries, peeled pears, or bananas. Soup is always a good standby as well when you have undergone a dental procedure.

What to Eat for a Snack

Naturally, you will want to stay away from the vending machine after a dental procedure, as most items in the machine are usually crunchy, sweet, or chewy. For a snack, you might consider eating tapioca pudding or yogurt or choose to enjoy a nutrition-rich smoothie. Make sure you always rinse your mouth with water after you have a meal or snack. Brush your teeth about an hour after you eat, as doing so right after eating can erode the dental enamel.

What to Eat at a Restaurant

If you are eating at a restaurant, ask for fish or meat that is well-done, thereby making it easier to chew. If you choose a Mexican dish, select a soft taco over a crunchy taco. Asian food is always dental-friendly, as you can eat sticky rice with steamed veggies, such as peas or well-done chicken. Dumplings are always a good choice as well. It usually is best to choose a seafood restaurant over a steakhouse too.

You need to be mindful about what you eat each time you undergo a dental procedure. Keep a list of soft foods in mind so you can stay on top of your dental health. You should also schedule regular dental cleanings and exams. Contact us today for an appointment and consultation.

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