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What to Do if Chewing Gum Leaves Your Jaw Aching

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
What to Do if Chewing Gum Leaves Your Jaw AchingWe have all chewed a piece of gum too long. The flavor expired and so did our desire to keep chewing it. If your jaw is aching after you chewed the gum, it may be an indicator to contact our office for an exam.

Foods that Fatigue Your Jaw

Foods that are chewy, tough, or crunchy can be problematic. These types of foods can strain your jaw, specifically the joint where your jaw and skull connect. The repetitive motion of chewing these types of foods may lead to discomfort. Be aware of how your jaw feels after eating apples or beef jerky. We find the most common food to fatigue your jaw is chewing gum.

If your jaw is sore after chewing gum, you may need to avoid gum for a while. If the discomfort persists, please come see us so we can examine your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). This joint is active each time you talk, chew, and swallow. For many of us, this joint is busy a lot of the time. It is possible that chewing gum has exasperated your joints, however, you may have a bigger issue.

TMJ and Jaw Issues

If you have discomfort in your ears or neck, or are experiencing headaches, you may have more reason to believe that your TMJ are the problem. In addition, if you hear clicking, grating, or popping sounds in your jaw as you open or close your mouth you may have TMJ issues.

Your best course of action would be to come see us if you are experiencing an aching jaw after you chew gum. We will listen to your jaw. We will examine your range of motion and discuss your symptoms. We may need to take dental x-rays. We have specialized staff who can identify if your TMJ are the issue. Stop in today and take the first step toward feeling better.

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