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Why Foaming Toothpaste Helps To Whiten Your Teeth

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
Why Foaming Toothpaste Helps To Whiten Your TeethApart from getting rid of stuck food particles and plaque, brushing can also help whiten your teeth. Therefore, when brushing your teeth, you should use foaming toothpaste for the best results. There are specialized kinds of toothpaste that have additional whitening features. Most of them are types of foaming toothpaste that contain whitening agents. Here are reasons why foaming toothpaste is an ideal pick when it comes to teeth whitening.

How Foaming Toothpaste Works

Regular toothpaste is designed to improve your oral health and get rid of surface stains as you clean them. On the other hand, foaming whitening toothpaste is designed to brighten your teeth. This type of toothpaste includes ingredients that get rid of more surface stains compared to regular toothpaste. The foam formed by this toothpaste when brushing plays an important role in eliminating stains.

The stains can either be intrinsic (inside your tooth) or extrinsic (on the surface of your tooth). Each of the stain problems has a special toothpaste formula that addresses it. Toothpaste containing an abrasive ingredient and silica can eliminate extrinsic stains by scrubbing your teeth' surface. Similarly, products containing hydrogen peroxide can get rid of intrinsic stains through bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide can also eliminate surface stains and brighten your teeth. Silica is good at removing stains but not necessarily whitening.

If you are looking for more rapid whitening results, you will need more than foaming toothpaste. There are several options you can choose from if you are looking for a whiter smile. Most of these treatments are done in our offices by a team of highly specialized professionals. The most common option involves whitening treatment that involves the use of special light bleach. This procedure will leave your teeth brighter than ever. Visit our offices for more information on how foaming toothpaste can help whiten your teeth.

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