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All You Need to Know About Onlays

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Dr. Brandon Cooley
All You Need to Know About OnlaysDental onlays are one of the treatments used to restore teeth that have suffered cracks or decay throughout the years. We usually perform this technique in large teeth such as molars or premolars, as it covers one or two cusps of the affected tooth. In cases of bruxism, it is a good solution to rebuild the most worn out part of the teeth.

How Are Onlays Made?

The crafting and pigment of the onlay shapes usually come in the same color as that of the natural teeth of a patient so it can nicely blend with the rest of their denture. For this, their fabrication in the laboratory takes into account the morphology of the tooth or molar of each patient. The materials used to make onlay are usually porcelain, resin and, less often, gold.

The adhesion of the onlay to the tooth is complete, and patients will not notice it or suffer discomfort. In fact, they help to strengthen the dental structure. After treatment, they do not require any special care of the incrustations apart from proper oral hygiene. The duration of an onlay is approximately 30 years.

Onlays and Crowns

Other types of dental restoration treatments in cases of fracture or cavities are inlays and crowns. The main difference between the latter and onlays is that, to apply crowns, we eliminate the dental cusps. As such, onlays stand out for preserving the original tooth of a patient to a greater extent compared to crowns, caps, or dental prostheses.

To get the most out of onlays, it is important to avoid any habit that can put excessive strain on our teeth and, as a result, reduce their longevity. Furthermore, the teeth that do not have any cover or coating must stay robust and healthy to avoid further damage. If you want to know more about onlays the different dental restorative methods, please contact us today.

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