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Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Happy woman pointing with point hands to her white teeth There are a number of over-the-counter options available for teeth whitening, but at-home products don't offer the immediate, long-lasting results of a professional teeth-whitening treatment.

The experienced Bellevue cosmetic dentists at Cooley Smiles offer Dash Teeth Whitening, a safe, painless teeth-whitening procedure that dramatically brightens your smile in a single visit.

Professional Teeth Whitening: A Safe Treatment for Discolored Teeth

Even if you don't normally experience tooth sensitivity, many teeth-whitening products can produce minor discomfort due to their active ingredients - most often the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide. Over-the-counter products that you apply at home can increase this discomfort by being difficult to apply and causing the whitening compound to come in contact with other sensitive parts of the mouth, such as the gums and inner cheeks.

When applied by our qualified Cooley Smiles dentists, the Dash Teeth Whitening solution quickly, cleanly and effectively brightens teeth that have taken on yellow or brown tones. For those with sensitive teeth, Dash is the only teeth-whitening product that includes an FDA-approved solution designed to reduce the discomfort associated with whitening chemicals.

Like most teeth-whitening products, Dash uses a hydrogen peroxide-based gel. But Dash Teeth Whitening is applied professionally in a relaxed setting; there is no mess or risk for accidental ingestion, and it works quickly, limiting the amount of time the teeth-whitening solution remains in contact with your teeth.

Effectiveness of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening achieves brilliant results in a single treatment of about 30 minutes to an hour. Over-the-counter teeth whiteners require weeks to months of regular use to achieve visible results; at-home products must also be used consistently to maintain those results.

The vibrant effect of professional teeth whitening is not only instantly noticeable, but the results last longer. With proper dental hygiene, your professionally applied teeth whitening treatment can give you a gleaming, healthy smile for years to come.

Why Choose Cooley Smiles to Whiten Your Teeth

The accomplished Bellevue dentists at CooleySmiles provide personable, precise attention in restoring brightness to your smile with the Dash Teeth Whitening treatment.

Both Dr. Aaron and Dr. Brandon are graduates of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), the premier post-graduate learning center for cosmetic dentistry. They also remain active in continuing education to ensure you have access to the most advanced teeth whitening options available.

If you live in the Bellevue or Seattle, Washington, areas and are interested in learning more about professional teeth whitening, please contact the experienced cosmetic dentists at Cooley Smiles.

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At Cooley Smiles, we offer Dash Teeth Whitening, a safe, painless teeth-whitening procedure that dramatically brightens your smile in a single visit.
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