Cosmetic Dentistry

Young couple with cosmetic dental work from Cooley Smiles
We use this term to cover all procedures designed to perfect and beautify a patient's smile. Changes in technology, technique and materials has made cosmetic dentistry more affordable and accessible. Having a smile worth being proud of is no longer limited to the rich and famous.

Cooley Smiles has taken advantage of the changes in cosmetic dentistry, combining the new technologies and lower costs to deliver self confidence to our patients. We take great pride in the smiles we've created over the last 35 years and we want to add you to our list of great smiles.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

A smile is one of the first things people notice. Casual conversation, business meetings, job interviews and intimate encounters become more awkward when a person is self conscious about their smile. Cooley Smiles offers the Everett area a full range of cosmetic dentistry services to improve smiles:
•  Teeth Whitening: Whiten teeth professionally in our office. We also have take-home teeth whitening kits for price & convenience.
•  Tooth Bonding: Reshape and repair teeth with this putty that hardens becoming part of your tooth.
•  Tooth Colored Fillings: Composite fillings that are color matched to your tooth.

We are able to treat any cosmetic imperfection you may have, giving you a seamless, brilliant, remarkable smile.

What to Expect

The dental offices of Cooley Smiles are a comfortable relaxing environment where complex dental procedures become easy and stress melts away. Experience our latte bar, massage chairs and under the care of our experienced staff, any fears disappear. Our dental team works with our patients from the initial consultation through all of the follow up visits to make sure the patient is happy with the quality of their enhanced smile.

Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist can make some people squeamish. We use gentle sedation dentistry to make any dental procedure as easy as falling asleep.

If you live in or around Everett, Kenmore, Bellevue, or Seattle, Washington and are looking for an experienced, committed cosmetic dentist, please contact the experienced cosmetic dentists at Cooley Smiles today to schedule your initial consultation.
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